Casio MDV-106 DURO



Custom made bezel inserts

Heat pressed or CNC-milled acryllic bezel inserts. After pressing/milling the index/numbers are filled with a mixture of paint and lume. The inserts are them formed in a special heatpress t

o achive the correct slope for the bezel. After this the backside is painted.

These inserts have a depth that is found in old "bakelite" inserts from Omega, Rolex etc.

To order, email:

Order two or more inserts, $5 discount/insert, insured shipping $16

Pictures are for color reference only, the inserts are not glued in place and edges are visible wich they are not when installed correctly!

***All designs can be made to fit other watches - please contact me if you need a insert for your watch or have a own design you would like to make!


12h Acrylic insert Blue/Red.

All lumed. $35

12h Acrylic insert Black/Red.

All lumed. $35

Diver Acrylic insert Black/Red.

All lumed. $35

Diver/MilSSub Acrylic insert Black.

All lumed. $35