Casio MDV-106 DURO



Custom made dials

Custom made dials for the Casio MDV106 and 107.

The dials are laser engvaed/etched or milled-usually from stock anodised aluminium sheet.

Dials come with dial dots for securing them to the movement.

To order, email:

Order two or more dials, $5 discount/dial, insured shipping $16

***All designs can be made to fit other watches - please contact me if you need a dial for your watch or have a design you would like to make!



Black matte maxlume-dial, no date,  $35 [BDMND_200]

Black matte maxlume "SubMarliner"-dial, no date,  $35 [BDND_LSM]

Silver matte/powdercoat maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Silv_WD]

Gold maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Gold_WD]

Black maxlume-dial "Submarliner" no date,  $30  [BDND_MS]

Green maxlume-dial, with date, $30  [GDWD_200

Black matte maxlume "SubMarliner"-dial, no date, $35 [BDND_LSM_OL]

Blue matte maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Blu_WD]

Bronze maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Bronz_WD]

Black maxlume-dial "Submarliner" with date, $30  [BDWD_MS]

Orange maxlume-dial "Submarliner", with date, $30  [ODWD_MS

Example of lume

Red matte maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Red_WD]

White maxlume-dial "Submarliner" no date, $30   [WDND_MS]

Blue maxlume-dial, with  date, $30 [BDWD_200]

Light Blue maxlume-dial, with  date, $30 [LBDWD_200]

White maxlume "SubMarliner" with date,  $35 [SubMD_Whi_WD]

"One of a kind"

Hand made dials in special patterns and/or colors. The dial in the picture is the dial you get

1. Splashdial Mid blue/light blue. $40

5. Light blue dial. $30

9. Splashdial Black/Purple. $40

2. Splashdial Mid blue/purple. $40

6. Deep blue dial. $30

3. Splashdial Mid blue/light blue. $40

7. Slashdial  Black/Purple dial. $40

4. Splashdial Dark blue/purple. $40

8. Splashdial Midblue/Silver, $40

Custom made logos

Dials made with your logo/name. Can be made in any color as seen on this page.

Custom logo dial. $50

Custom logo dial. $50

Custom logo dial. $50

Custom logo dial. $50